A huge number of people across the world resolve to improve their health and fitness. For some this means losing weight, for others it’s gaining muscle, and for some people, it’s more about working on developing a healthy mindset. Transforming your physique, health, and lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.

Andrea, 28

Andrea has made massive improvements to her health, appearance and confidence – all from changing her food and exercise habits. Here is her weight loss success story so far, and the pictures from start, 5 weeks, 15 weeks and 27 weeks. The balanced nutritional program and a workout routine was specially customized for Andrea’s fitness level. Cardiovascular training 30 min 4 times a week, and did her nutritional blog every day to stay on track with nutrition.

Nathaniel, 42

Nathaniel lost 49 pounds in 1.5 years after experiencing one of those “aha” moments. Our conversation, which is transcribed below, focuses on weight loss challenges and building a healthy lifestyle. “I think the idea underneath this is important, especially because so many people view working out consistently as “sacrificing your life.”

Chase, 32

Meet my friend Chase, who has one of the most incredible success stories I have EVER seen. After graduating college, Saint took a desk job as a computer programmer and watched as his weight slowly started to creep up…like every other average American. Over the past two years, he was able to slowly and steadily bring that down before having an incredible breakthrough that allowed him to transform drastically. Here’s how he did it.

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